Using the RFID reader => speaker noise

  • Hi guys!

    I have tried the RFID sample, which works OK. However, the speaker emits a noise when the RFID is functioning. I guess that's related somehow to i2c. RFID uses i2c, and the speaker also (I guess?). 2 questions here:

    • can the 2 work in parallel? I.e. have RFID AND speaker? This is something that I'd probably need soon. They seem to share the same channel (i2c); so multiplexing is involved. So if the RFID is used non-stop, I fear that the speaker won't be able to work.
    • if this is not possible, I'd guess that I need to somehow disable the speaker. But I didn't actually enable. So where does the noise come from?

    Thanks a lot!

    PS: this is my second message; the first one got lost maybe in "moderation" because I had just signed up and the account not yet verified? Who knows.

  • Same for me. Since the rfid reader connected, the internal Speaker make PIEP every time.
    I use M5Stack core, with the M5 rfid reader.

    With this noise, the complete environment make non-sense...

  • Hey, guys. I hear the same sound whether we make an RFID module, USB module or GPS module. When communicating with any of them, the sound is heard.

    And in my opinion, it is not the sound from the speaker, because it can be heard even if I turn off the speaker software (and even if I disconnect it completely). The beeping is coming from some components...