UIFlow Remote cannot get data

  • I really like the remote function where I can control the M5 Fire or Stick from a webpage and can have sensor data sent to the page, but it does not appear to work with more than one variable or piece of sensor data being sent to the page. If I add more than one remote, it disconnects the device and will not reconnect until I delete the whole add remote "chunk" so to speak and it takes some coaxing to get it to reconnect. It works fine with a slider or a button and a add remote data function, but not more than one. For instance, the below will not work as soon as you try to upload it, it disconnects. I have tried with a M5 Fire and a StackC using UIFlow web version 1.6.5 and both devices have the most current version of the firmware

    0_1604180173346_multiple remote.JPG

  • thank you feedback. we will test this function.