Need Help for Earthquake/Seismic Movement Detection

  • Dear Friends, i happened to live in a highly seismic activity zone and unfortunately just yesterday our city survived a Richter Scale 7.0 earthquake with over 20 dead and more than 800 injured...

    I have been researching and experimenting with some accelerometers and methods for an earthquake detection system for a while. I also have a diy home automation system based on Home Assistant; the earthquake detection on a ZWave Fibaro Motion Sensor, well it simply doesn't work at all even on yesterdays eartquake...

    This is where i thought since i have an M5Stick-C and it does have an MPU6886 i can have a simple and cheap seismometer; which i can also be used for a trigger for shut down gas valves, electricity etc automatically during an earthquake.

    This is the point where i am looking for your help, my first try is with IMU Wake on Motion example ino, it works pretty well with even a simple vibration, M5Stick wakes up and gives some battery details. The point i stuck is that how can i read getGyroData and getAccelData from MPU6886 during the wake on lan. I know it is not possible to make any values of Richter and SI with just a simple accelerometer, i am only looking for a comparative magnitude of vibrations whether it is weak or stong or very strong etc.

    Thanks for all your help...

  • you could refer to this example to get the IMU data:

    Then integrate into your existing program

  • Wow, it's been 2 years but i finally found time to work on it. Here it is:


    Here is the code on github.