Is this possible?

  • I have an ATOM that was programmed with Arduino. I would like to take a stab at learning UIFlow, or even microblocks. Is it possible to export the code from the ATOM into UIFlow or microblocks?
    I could then play with the code and re-upload to the ATOM. Is this possible?

  • From arduino (C/C++) to uniflow (micropython) you would have to convert source code manually. So far, there are no ready tools to do it automatically, especially from the object code (He can do it, but it is very difficult and time consuming, but not impossible). It's just faster for you to rewrite the entire code in another language. In uiflow you can do what you write about. When uploading a program, two files are sent to the device: one with your program in the form of blocks, and the other a source file containing the micropython code generated from your blocks. The other file runs on the device. From the uiflow level from the device you can download your program back in the form of blocks and change it (and again the code will be generated based on these blocks)

  • Thanks for the reply. I may just try to learn Arduino then. Is it possible to install Arduino IDE on my Win10 computer, and somehow copy the code from the ATOM into Arduino?

  • If the code was created in the arduino environment and compiled and uploaded to atom. The result code is already uploaded, understandable only by the target device processor. It is possible to read such a program from the device and decompile it into C, but the decompiled code may be unreadable to you (It still be functional). During compilation, all descriptive names of variables and names of called functions are lost and converted to specific addresses in memory and program jumps to a specific address. You just write your source code in arduino. You save a copy of it on your PC / laptop. When uploading to the device, the code is compiled and uploaded where necessary. There is no need to rip it back from the device (see description above). You simply make the changes you need to your saved source code and compile and upload your changed code again back to the device.