M5cam and BMP180

  • Hello,
    I can read the pressure from BMP180 on a M5Stack and with Arduino.

    I can compile the M5cam software, but if I compile with esp-idf a BMP180 example I got a problem.

    I use this sample: https://github.com/krzychb/esp32-everest-run

    I can compile it and M5cam logged on my wifi. Then it read
    W (2116) Altimeter: Weather data retrieval initialized
    ... -> OK
    For the BMP180 I got this error:
    E (9184) BMP180: Sensor not found at 0x77
    E (9189) Altimeter: BMP180 init failed with error = 196610

    Is this a problem with the IO's?
    I used sample used sensor pins sda/scl: 0x19/0x1b
    Is this correct?

  • This post is deleted!

  • Here is am small test program that worked with M5Stack-hardware. With M5cam-hardware it didn't work.

    #include <Wire.h>
    #include <Adafruit_BMP085.h>
    Adafruit_BMP085 bmp;
    void setup() {
      //Wire.begin();       //Default
      Wire.begin(25,23);  //M5cam SDA, SCL
      //Wire.begin(21,22);  //M5Stack SDA, SCL
      Serial.println("\nStart program");
      if (!bmp.begin()) {
         Serial.println("Could not find a valid BMP085 sensor, check wiring!");
    	  while (1) {
                 Serial.println("Could not find a BMP085 sensor!");
    void loop() {
        Serial.print("Temperature = ");
        Serial.println(" *C");    

  • The answer is:

        conf.sda_io_num = 13;
        conf.scl_io_num = 4;