UIFlow custom module for Servo2

  • I could not find any support for Servo2 module in UIFlow so I created a Custom UIFlow module


    This module was created for Core2 but if the i2c pins are modified it should also work on older Cores.
    I hope to make this configuration automatic in future versions of Servo2.m5b

  • I have added one more block for enabling power from Servo2 module and the new Servo2.m5b can be found here: https://gitlab.com/ove.risberg/uiflowblockservo2

    You still need the battery in M5Core2 or USB cable connected since the current firmware is turning off external power shortly after boot so your M5 will poweroff if no USB cable or the internal battery is connected... if the new "Servo2 enable external power" block is used the external power is enabled and you can disconnect the USB cable.

    The internal battery should be charged by the external power after the new "Servo2 enable external power" block is used.

    Thanks to @felmue for the code used in the new "Servo2 enable external power" block!