UIFlow Block tools

  • UIFlow Block files can be created with http://block-maker.m5stack.com/ but the block code window is small and this is not optimal if you want to create larger blocks. The java script code is visible on the right side of the screen and you can type in that window but your changes are lost as soon as you do anyting on the left side. If you want to compare two m5b files it is hard because they only contain one very long line and most diff tools are not good at comparing just one line.

    I have made two simple python scripts to convert m5b files to the java script code you see in the right side of the screen and back so it is easier to make large blocks and to compare changes. These scripts are only tested on Linux with python3 installed.
    The scripts can be found here: https://gitlab.com/ove.risberg/uiflowblocktools

    UIFlow Block Maker is still in beta so the limitations above may change in the future and my scripts may stop working because the m5b format can change so use these tools on your on risk.

  • nicely done