AXP192 interrupt output not used

  • Hi M5Stack guys

    looking at the M5Core2 schematic I realised that the AXP192 interrupt output is not used and not connected to any ESP32 GPIO.

    I am asking because M5Stick and M5Stick Plus have its AXP192 interrupt output connected to ESP32 GPIO35.

    What is the reason you decided not to use the AXP192 interrupt output in the M5Core2 device? Technical issue? Oversight?



  • Hi @felmue, yes after asking our engineer it seems to be a hardware limitation on the new Core2 this is due to the GPIO pins from the ESP32 must be used for other purposes so couldn't be assigned to the IRQ pin.

  • Hello @Zontex

    Understood. Thank you for checking.

    Maybe it could still be wired to a GPIO, but via a solder bridge, so it could be used optionally?

    Anyways, I've soldered a wire from AXP IRQ to ESP32 GPIO35. I can detect now when USB (aka ACIN) has been connected or disconnected while ESP32 is in light sleep and use that to wake up.