Using capacitive touch with m5 Core2?

  • I'm trying to get the capacitive touch with the m5 Core2 working, with either uPy or UIFlow, but not able to find much help in documentation anywhere. If I'm just missing where the treasure trove of documentation is located, I would love a pointer to it.

    Looking at the built-in app "apps/", it seems clear that both displaying things on the screen and CT input can be done with the help of the m5stack_ui module. However, it looks like uPy (or perhaps these specific libs) don't have much in the way of docstrings to assist, so performing a help(m5stack_ui) just gives a list of variables/constants/objects/functions, but nothing on the description or usage of them.

    I'd really appreciate any pointers on how to use this, or even better, to the documentation. I'm not even able to find the firmware in the m5stack github, so backtracking it that way doesn't seem to be an option.

  • Global Moderator

    Hello, have you tried downloading this .m5f code and uploading it to UIFlow to try to get it to work:

    It's the complete example for the capacitive touch, you can find the full documentation here: