UIFlox Neopixel bug

  • The "Set Neopixel all RGB color" does not act in the same manner as the set individual pixel color block. If you switch from say a M5StickC to a M5Stack Fire or between one device and another, the units do not stay connected, so you have to reinitialize the units that you are using. Maybe this is just me not knowing the proper way of doing things, but I sometimes use the program for one controller on another or as a start on another controller. When you reselect the "RGB LED" unit in your list of units, it usually initializes as another unit. so if your original code had neopixel1 as the unit, when you reinitialize, it comes in as maybe neopixel2 or neopixel 3. It's easy enough to go through your blocks and change all instances of neopixel1 to neopixel2, but the "Set Neopixel all RGB color" block will not allow you to change its name. You have to delete that block and pull in a new one to replace it. Not the end of the world, but potentially a bug.

    Still happy!!

  • Yes seems to be like a bug, will look into it.