Rel. 1.7.0 COM.LTE network configuration

  • Re: UIFlow 1.7.1
    Hi, I need to configure M5Stack-Core to use COM.LTE connectivity as shown here
    Currently my Core mounts UIFlow 1.7.0 where that option is available in the device setup menu, but once selected did not work

    1. Does it work also with Core or just on Core-2 ? Can I hope also to get it work on Core?
    2. The M5Burner configuration of 1.7.0 does not offer that same extended option with COM.X as shown in the link above; Shall I upgrade to 1.7.1?
    3. Where can I find the entire step-by-step setup procedure (shall I act on M5Burner as well as on device setup?)


  • I'd like to show that the UIFLow 1.7.0 or 1.7.1 configuration mask does not present any panel related to ![configuration of COM.X](0_1610453184058_dd9cee4a-5335-42b0-9061-b6a886b59f8d-image.png image url) to be compared with the similar one posted on Twitter