Problem with RGB led bar for M5stack core 2

  • Could someone help me with some example on how to control the RGB led bar for m5stack core 2, I am new to this.
    Thanks in advance.

  • @vgamlc check this one, so far my Core2 + bottom2 fail big time ..

  • @vgamlc, can you describe what you are wanting to see?

    The Sk6812 (side LED bars) has a few methods you can use (take a look at components/core2forAWS/core2forAWS.h from one of the projects):
    void Core2ForAWS_Sk6812_SetColor(uint16_t pos, uint32_t color);
    void Core2ForAWS_Sk6812_SetSideColor(uint8_t side, uint32_t color);
    void Core2ForAWS_Sk6812_SetBrightness(uint8_t brightness);
    void Core2ForAWS_Sk6812_Show();
    void Core2ForAWS_Sk6812_Clear();

    If I want to set the left LED bar to yellow example, you should put the following into your application:

    Core2ForAWS_Sk6812_SetSideColor(SK6812_SIDE_LEFT, 0xFFFF00);