M5Paper load font message "FT_Stream_Open: opened `/GenSenRounded-R.ttf' but zero-sized"

  • When I load the font from the example M5EPD_TTF get the message

    "FT_Stream_Open: opened `/GenSenRounded-R.ttf' but zero-sized"

    What is the meaning of this message?

  • Hey @Powersoft this example requires you to put the GenSenRounded-R.ttf font file found in the M5EPD_TTF example folder in the root of an sd card or load it into spiffs with the "ESP32 Sketch Data Upload" plugin, did you do that?

  • @lukasmaximus
    Thanks Lukas, The problem was loading the font from the internal file system.
    After delete all these, and place Serial.begin in the right orde loading of the fonts was no problem. Even my DSEG7Classic-Regular.ttf was loaded correct, and display correct. Converted it with the python file ttf2bin.py was also a succes in use.

    One question remains. The command "createRender(168, 256)" is used for drawing bigger text, but are there limitations?
    In my case when I put a larger value as 168 the screen still blanks, notting happens, but no error message shows up. The documentation is a bit fuzzy. Please can you explane this command.