M5Stack Fire does not start with LoRa868 modules

  • Hello all,

    I received my M5Stack Fire yesterday.
    In addition, I bought the LoRA868 module.

    Without module the device works without problems.
    But when I install the module, the device starts only after several presses of the power button and not always.

    With the M5Burner I have already installed the current version 1.7.1-fire without problems.

    On the board is the No. 2018.2A printed I think that this is the version.

    Can someone help me here?


  • Hello @sysLINK

    I understand you've installed UIFlow 1.7.1-fire firmware on your M5Stack Fire, correct?

    I do not have the LoRA868 module myself so my conclusion could be wrong. But looking at the spec sheet of the LoRA868 module I don't see UIFlow mentioned, so I don't think this module has UIFlow integration.

    Have you tried the Arduino example?