EspNow with Arduino IDE ???? How ??? Tutorial ??? Documentation ??

  • I want to make a communication between 2 M5StickC devices or between a M5StickC and a M5Stack Fire.
    In UIFlow there are function blocks for EspNow.

    How can I make these functions with the Arduino IDE ?
    I found documentation for the Arduino IDE, but only for basic components not for the rest. I'm sure, that anywere on GitHub there are files fo documentation -- but where ?

    Are there any tutorials for EspNow ?

    I want to do something like the RoverC and the JoyC are doing, but I have to use different hardware for the vehicle. I want to use to JoyC to control my vehicle.

    (I'm a starter - so maybe my question is solved anyware - but I looked and found nothing, what seems to help.)