M5Stack Fire battery LED blinking - no function of the core

  • I connect the Fire to an USB cable - with the connector of the charging unit - not Fire USB - over night - more than 10h.
    The red LED of the akku modul starts blinking red.
    But I cannot turn the Fire unit on.

    If I connect the USB direct to the Fire unit, then the Fire core is working.

    I think the akku is "dead". (Strange I used it about 1h - not more)
    Or is there a trick to bring the system back to live ?

  • I checked it with a GoPlus2 module - it has an akku included too.
    The same effect.
    As long as I connect the Fire to the USB it's working and the LED inside the GoPlus2 modul is on (green)
    Disconnect USB - no LED on - no function.

    Now I think, that the Fire core has a problem.

    Is there anything with which I can check the Fire core ?

    I wrote a litte UIflow block, using the battery blocks of UIflow.
    It shows me:
    "not full charged"
    "battery level 100%"

    So , there should be power in the akku ----- or ?


  • I erased the flash of the Fire core and load it new with UIFlow V1.7.2 (the same version as before) and now everything works !!??

    Is was not easy - because at the beginnning there were time-out errors - the burner software can't connect.
    Strange - because the download and execution of skeches from UIflow worked.

    If powered the Fire down - wait 30min - shut down windows complete.
    After new start I could erase the Fire core - but here were a long time delay until the software can connect and erase - about 5s.
    Now I could flash UIflow - but again it seems, that the burner has to wait. The process was about doubble the time compared with my M5Stack Faces.

    Now the akkus in both modeles are loaded and the Fire core works with the akku power - like it should be.

    Strange !!! What has a firmware update to do with connecting to akku and the way of power supply for the core ?

  • Hello
    had the same problem.
    Solution with me, Use an older 5V USB power supply.
    The new ones switch off due to insufficient power consumption.
    Motorola review 2020
    low A. = off
    v. 2015
    no problem.
    Try old power supplies without high-performance charge control.

    73/ Klaus