Problems with READING serial data thermal printer

  • Hi there!

    I'm kinda new here but I've been experimenting a little with the M5Core2.
    I am working on a project where I want to read the serial data coming out of a thermal printer.

    Currently I am using UiFlow (Blockly) for the ease of use.
    I have setup a "virtual" printer by doing the following (windows):

    Printers & Scanners > Add Printer or Scanner > Add local printer > Use COM3 > Generic > Generic Text Only
    Also changing the baud rate of the printer to 115200.

    This allows me to print test data like it is being printed, this time not on a real printer but COM 3, where my M5Core is connected to.

    In Blockly read the UART data with the following blocks:

    This set-up works... sometimes...
    A few times, I get some data from the "printed" text file. Other times, my M5Core just freezes and reboots.

    My question: How can I get this working?

    Thanks in advance!


    Sam :)