M5Stick-C-Plus LCD-Driver

  • i downloaded this LCD driver for my M5Stick-C-Plus and it runs fine. Does anyone know if there is any way to change the font size?
    Because the font is quite small and hardly readable.


  • No, it's one of the main reasons why those who would like to run bare metal MicroPython are instead forced to use the bloated UIflow firmware, which has the relative unexposed 'lcd' driver within it in module 'm5stack'.

    Over a year and still waiting for independent MicroPython versions of such modules ...

  • Hey hi,
    After being myself very pissed at how uiflow block the drivers and after reading and learning a bit i came to the obvious conclusion that...

    The drivers are exposed for anyone in C, the uiflow firmware does not have uPython drivers in it. that is why they place them as frozen C modules inside the firmware.

    It is no fault of M5Stack developers that we... community have not come up with uPython drivers. They can not release them because they do not have them. They have put all efforts to their own firmware with cloud "capabilities" for free.

    I think most of the drivers for the commponents are out there in uPython form, except the LCD ones. That is because of speed. The C drivers frozen on the firmware are way way faster than any upython version could be.

    Please note that i am a hobbyist and not a professional programmer so that that from there.

  • What they could possibly do is release a uiflow free firmware version where the modules would be frozen and you could access them directly.

    But in this case, anyone here could do it, by taking the micropython vanilla and freezing the C drivers in it. Like the Lobo version. But we are ignorant and lazy.