working / running with PC and USB connection. Not work/run at standalone without PC. Why?

  • I'm quite beginner user, please help.
    m5stack user, v1.7.2
    programmed by UIFLOW and connection by USB-C
    Program has been saved at m5stack and it run and working when connect with PC.
    However, when I unplugged USB and restarted then showing display as mu program but not activate all input signals. Seems not running. I have used 2 analog input but both input information are not displayed and display "0"

    Some other saved program are working normally when I switched.
    but only signal analyzing program are not work. Perhaps, some issue with "Custom code" I've used for this program. this is my first try for custom code.
    but working "with PC" Not functional work without PC. Why ??

    Thank you in advance and Kind Regards.,