Anti Aliased Fonts / M5.Lcd.printtoSprite

  • Hi all

      Has anyone successfully managed to get anti aliased fonts working?
     M5.Lcd appears to be an incomplete subset of TFT_eSPI; I've tried creating a TFT_EFT Sprite which is bound to the pointer for the M5.Lcd:

    TFT_eSprite spr = TFT_eSprite(&M5.Lcd);

    but it looks like the actual code to load the Smooth fonts has been left out of M5.Lcd for some reason....this is a great shame.

    see here :

    It looks like I'll have to patch my library to make it work, which I'm not too keen on.

    no response from M5stack on any of the threads so far that i can see. i implement a custom patch? I would prefer to remain vanilla for my current project...but if I push a submit they might reject it because it breaks something else. If they would just respond and comment why it's been left out (i.e. it breaks x, y, and z if we enable it) then at least I could make an informed decision to live without or implement.