Core2 Arduino factory demo for beginners

  • As a beginner, the Core 2 factory demo is impressive but is way too complicated for newbies to follow.

    Can I suggest it would be much easier if the code was commented to explain what the functions are doing.

    And if possible to even break down the factory code into individual modules so we can see and learn each function.

    I know its a big ask but it would be a huge help in speeding up the process of us learning with the M5 products.


  • I agree. Can we have some tutorials and commented code to understand, modify and explore Core 2 at depths. It will be of great help.

  • I couldn't agree more. I'm a 100% newbie to all of this, while my Core2 arrived in the post yesterday, I don't know where to start. That said, I'll be bashing through things with brute force and ignorance while I get used to it all :-)

    That said, I'd really expect examples and demos to always be commented and really should use best practises, like modules/functions. So I'd whole heartedly agree that any/all demos/examples should really be updated to reflect this.

  • I'm Sorry but due to various family issues, full documentation has been slow. If you are using UIFLOW/Micropython please check out

  • I agree. Example projects and code specific to the Core2 are mostly missing which is sad because it seems like it could be a great hardware platform for learning. Right now, ours is just sitting on a shelf awaiting useful instructions.