PbHUB doesn't work

  • Hi,

    I have connected a PbHUB to the i2c bus of the M5stack and the angle sensor unit connected to the PbHub.

    Unfortunately, with the Arduino sample code, I only get a value of 255 on all ports (Multiple ports tried)
    Without the unit connected to i2c, all values ​​will be 0.

    I have already tried two different PbHUBS and two M5Stacks, both the same result.

    All other connected i2c units just work fine.

    Could there be an error in the code for the PbHUB?

  • @rob_d I've also had no luck with the PbHUB, even when using a single unit. Switching to a PaHUB things worked as expected.

    In UIFlow, if I take an ENV sensor and hook it up to a port on the PbHUB, the program just gives me an error saying the unit wasn't found (and yes, I indicated the sensor was on the hub and selected to correct port). However, take the same unit and hook it up directly, or through a PaHUB, and everything is fine. I understand the PbHUB isn't suitable for using multiple sensors of the same type, but this is happening even with just a single sensor attached to the hub.

  • @devilstower, I am newbie. I think pbhub is only for digital/analog readings, ENV (i2c multiple data) sensor is out os scope for this I/O expander. The right one for ENV is pahub, as you confirmed. Try PIR, ANGLE or BUTTON on pbhub, worked for me. Bye.