[M5Paper] Ideas for a revision or V2 model - a font with degree-Celsius and degree-Fahrenheit

  • Now it is too complicated if the standard font suits your needs but only the degree character is missing, to get those symbols available.
    We should get possibility to get a font with changeable characters or something like that. Nice would be to have on a easy way the degree-Celsius (℃) and degree-Fahrenheit (℉) as just one character available.

  • Thanks for your suggestion for this new useful feature Jop! Definitely will consider it.

  • Hi @zontex, thanx,
    I think a lot of developers will be pleased.
    One suggestion: isn't it possible already now to implement an easy solution by an update of the M5EPD-library?

  • This does not need a "revision" or "V2" model, it's a simple software addition. And you can already load your own fonts if needed.