My M5Stick doesn't boot

  • So, I got this M5Stick C, and I was about to use it for the first time. I loaded an ESP script I had to move some Servo motors, just to see it working, (the M5Stick was plugged into the PC's USB port), it worked for about ten seconds (I got that accelerometer thing in the display) and then it stopped working. The display went blank, and not even the 5V port is outputting 5V, the thing is pratically dead. I gave it a little charge in my phone carger afterwards, but nothing.
    Nothing happened in the phone charger, nothing happened in the USB Port, and I've tries do click all of the buttons to see if something would change, but with no sucess. Any ideia of what migth be happening?

  • Sound like the battery protection circuit has tripped. Try pluging it into a none intelleegent USB charge for around 5 hours (with the charger switched on) and see if it come to life.
    If not, it could be that it has died and needs replacing.