Is the interrupt pin of MPU9250 connected to the ESP32?

  • Hello,
    I am trying to get acceleration readings at a constant rate of 200 Hz. If the interrupt pin of the MPU9250 was connected to the ESP32 of the M5Stack Grey this should be straightforward however, I am struggling and haven't found much information on this topic. Therefore I would like somebody to confirm that the interrupt pin of the MPU9250 is actually connected to the ESP32 and can be used.
    Thanks for your time.

  • Hello @SpeedyG

    my M5Stack Gray (which uses an MPU6886) did not have the interrupt connected to ESP32. I assume that is the case with your (earlier) M5Stack Gray version as well.

    That said, here is how I connected the missing interrupt wire.


  • Hello Felix,

    thanks for the info on your M5Stack tuning. I opened the case and managed to get to the MPU9250 however, I am quite sure that I would burn something considering the tools I have. I took a photo of the MPU9250 with the 1.5mm Allen key next to it just to give an impression of size.
    0_1619535245194_WIN_20210427_15_28_44_Pro.jpg I have purchased some ADXL355Z and will try a "conventional" solution. BTW, to open the case I followed the instructions given here (