GPS (AT6558) at Thonny editor

  • I have code in Micropython to communicate with the GPS unit connected to port A (because I use plain Gray M5Stack unit) and using Thonny editor.

    If I upload code directly to the device a run it from the menu, it works well. But if I try to run it directly from Thonny editor (it uses REPL mode I guess), I got this error:

    Unit: Please change unit gps to other grove

    It is very simple code and it looks like this:

    import os
    from m5stack import *
    from m5ui import *
    from uiflow import *
    import unit
    gps0 = unit.get(unit.GPS, unit.PORTA)
    label0 = M5TextBox(92, 85, "Text", lcd.FONT_Default, 0xFFFFFF, rotate=0)
    label1 = M5TextBox(92, 70, "Text", lcd.FONT_Default, 0xFFFFFF, rotate=0)
    while True:

    Do you have any tips?

  • Hi, In GRAY M5STACK unfortunatelly PortA is used for I2C to some internal chip. Sometime GPS not work on Grove Cable.

    Just connect GPS to
    16RX <<< TX White
    17TX >>> Rx Yellow
    And all start working with no problem.

    Example code from Arduino works if You add

    #define RX1 16
    #define TX1 17
    void setup()
    GPSRaw.begin(9600, SERIAL_8N1,RX1,TX1);