1.3" OLED Unit UIFlow display is dim

  • When I use the OLED unit with UIFlow 1.7.8 on a m5stack atom, the display is quite dim. It looks more like black and grey, not black and white.

    It doesn't have good contrast, it looks like it is not getting enough power, but maybe it's actually the display initialisation that is the problem.

    When I use arduino and the same m5stack atom with the adafruit sh110x arduino library, the same OLED unit is vey bright and crisp, definitely black and white, with very good contrast.

    I suspect the OLED contrast is not getting set correctly during the init.

    There are no blocks in UIFlow to adjust the contrast so it cannot be changed.
    In arduino I can change the contrast (setContrast) and I can make the display darker or brighter.

    Is there something wrong or incomplete with the 1.3" OLED unit display initialisation in UIFlow?