Where can I find the schematic of GPS board of COM.GPS ?

  • Hi there,

    I have not been able to find the schematic of the piggy-back GPS board used in the COM.GPS module. The schematics provided on the M5Stack site are for the COM.X PCB. I see on the piggy-back board much more components than what I was expecting to find and I am interested in knowing the pinout of this GPS piggy-back board.
    Can anybody kindly help me?
    Many thanks, regards

  • Hello @pferrac

    I don't think the schematics for the piggy-back boards are publicly available. I am not even sure they are from M5Stack themselves. Maybe you get lucky and find some information from the manufacturer of the GPS chip. Regarding pinout: from the pictures I gather that there is VIN, GND, TX, RX and RST. The rest of the pins do not seem to be used.