m5paper vscode platformio

  • There are steps that must be performed that are not documented anywhere on m5stack's website to get the display to work properly in 540x960 mode.

    I have taken running code from an Arduino IDE that allow me to access the SD card but this same source does not work when copied to PlatformIO.

    Can you please document all of the things that I have to do to get this forgotten product to work?

    Honestly, the worst $70 I ever spent / by FAR!

  • maybe you could refer to the FactoryTest Project (PIO Project)


    also. use PIO not just easily copy some code and compile. you meet some issues, you should check and paste the log to here, people can help you to position the issues. not complaining about the problem

  • I have downloaded that and it does work.

    But, your documentation leaves so much to be desired / it would be great if this could be documented somewhere rather than in a git repo.

    Some of us do read documentation / and don't necessarily consider git to be documentation.