How to power Core 2 from AC100v.

  • I measured the temperature and humidity, soil temperature and soil moisture using M5stack basic, sent it with sigfox, and could see it with ambient.
    Then I decided to do the same with M5stack core2.

    However, in the case of basic, it worked even if it was powered by the USB of the PC or from the AC adapter, but in core2 it works only by the USB power of the PC.

    Even if I supply power to core2 with an AC adapter, it does not start.

    I saw an article like this:
    When supplying power to core2 from AC100V, press the power button, press and hold it, press it twice, or press the reset button. However, I tried everything but it didn't work.

    Does anyone know how to start up when using AC adapter power supply to core2?
    I would appreciate it if you could teach me. Thank you.

  • Well, I have perhaps 30 of the M5 units. All of them power using the AC power USB adaptor.

    My advice is to be sure it has sufficient power (2.5A+)

  • @microdynasty
    Thank you for your answer.
    I saw the m5 spec says 5V @ 500mA. I used a 1A AC adapter.
    Does that mean it's small?

  • @takero
    I write what happened after that.
    I bought a 2.5A AC adapter. I replaced it with a 1A adapter, but it didn't work.
    However, it works with power supplied from a PC.