Can not get signal from GPIO 36

  • Dear all,
    I connected PIR sensor in GPIO36 but I can not get any data from StickC.
    The Code is:

    from m5stack import *
    from m5ui import *
    from uiflow import *
    import machine


    pinv = None

    label0 = M5TextBox(12, 34, "Text", lcd.FONT_Default, 0xFFFFFF, rotate=0)

    while True:
    pin0 = machine.Pin(36, mode=machine.Pin.IN, pull=machine.Pin.PULL_UP)
    pinv = pin0.value()

    I always got 0(zero). Could you help me where I am worng?

  • Hello @shliao

    GPIO36 does not support internal software pull-ups. So if your hardware setup requires a pull-up, you'll need to add an external pull-up resistor.

    Excerpt from this documentation:

    GPIO34-39 can only be set as input mode and do not have software pullup or pulldown functions.

    BTW: your Python code is ok and returns 1 when I connect GPIO36 to 3.3 V.