Missing or wrong Unicode characters for Japanese Katakana

  • There are some missing or wrong Japanese Katakana letters in unicode font.

    The sample code below shows the unexpected results.

    from m5stack import *
    from m5stack_ui import *
    from uiflow import *
    import time
    screen = M5Screen()
    label0 = M5Label('テストケース', x=91, y=108, color=0x000, font=FONT_UNICODE_24, parent=None)
    1. テストケース => テストケス" ["ー" (0x30FC; Katakana-Hiragana Prolonged Sound Mark) is missing ]
    2. ミドル・ドット => ミドル勹ドット ["・" (0x30FB; Katakana Middle Dot) is replaced with a wrong character (some character like "勹" but a bit different)]

    Without these two characters("ー" and "・"), we have extreme difficulty in using Japanese text in a label.

    Here lists my environment.

    • Device: M5Stack core2
    • firmware: v1.8.1 (via M5Burner)
    • UIFlow: v1.8.1

  • I checked this on M5Stack Basic, and these two characters (0x30FC, and 0x30FB) were shown properly.

    So this is the problem occurs only on core2.
    v1.8.3 for core2 still has this problem, and I strongly wish It would soon be fixed.