UWB Unit usage and firmware

  • Hello,
    I have some UWB units, and I'd like to have some feedback if some of you had a chance to play with them too.
    When I use just one base and one tag, it work like a charm, but when using some of them, as tags or bases, measurement are useless.

    Would it be possible to get some advises?
    Maybe you could release the firmware in the STM32 of the UWB Unit. It could help me and others from the community. I would be great!

    I'm using Atom with Platformio and the M5Stack library (UWB_DW1000 example).


  • I finally solve my issue. I had 3 UWB Unit as base, plugged on the same M5Stack ESP32 Basic Core IoT. Probably a power issue.
    They are now on different modules, and this is working fine.

    By the way, publishing the STM32 code used on this UWB unit could be very profitable for the community.
    Thank you M5Stack devs !

  • Hi @fredz, I'm trying to do localization by connecting UWB with M5stack core2, I'm trying to do one base one tag, but unfortunately; I have no measurement appears in my screen, I'm still struggling to solve this issue, but hope if possible get some advice from you