DIY Examples, where?

  • Hi,
    There is so much in UIFlow. It would be helpfull to have a load of DIY examples. How To use I2C for a <non> M5stack unit sensor. And so on.
    The M5stack demo's are not very usefull in this.
    I'm having a hard time to find examples how to use advanced blockly's
    Any suggestions?


  • Sorry, this is my fault as I have been busy however
    contains what I have done so far.

  • Thanks ajb2k3. I'm not sure why it should be your 'fault'. Anyway thanx for sharing the interesting information you've put together.
    What i'm really looking for is an example where they use a unit totally with the basic/advanced blockly's.
    So without adding it as a unit, but purely creating the I2C.
    I'm going to try myself, but it would speed up things so much if available.

  • @twostick I'm currently working on a CAP1188 for a client and documenting it but only getting raw data

  • I'm now busy doing the SHT30 with I2C.
    If I may pick you brain a little more.
    The label blockly seems to choose itself how to show the data.
    Decimal, binairy, text. I want it to show a list (or sub-item) only binary. Now it's mixed.
    Have been seaching now for an hour or so. Can't find it how.
    Do you know how?