COM.X 915 Doesn't respond

  • I just got my COM.X modules in the mail. I was looking forward to playing around with these and maybe creating a point to point network of sorts. Just to play with, maybe transmit weather data. I don't seem to get any response with the module though. I was following the M5Stack Tutorial with the Grey Core. I have everything as shown in the picture in the tutorial as far as RX/TX pins. I get no response at all in the M5 Burner, but if I open the serial monitor in the Arduino IDE, I get the following ERROR. Any ideas where to start? Do I need to register this with the TTN or set the frequency or something? Also, I can't help but think the pins on the module are slightly too short and may not be getting a good connection.


    +CME ERROR:1


  • Hello @ksprayberry

    the first thing you'll need to know is that the tutorial is using the 868 MHz LoRa module whereas you are using the 915 MHz LoRa Module. Unfortunately they don't use the same AT command set, so you'll need to adapt the tutorial for your module.

    For instance the 915 MHz module doesn't seem to have the AT+LORAWAN=? command and that is the reason you'll get the error.

    Please check out the related links section here.

    BTW: the fact that you are seeing an error for the AT command given tells you that the RX/TX pins are correct.

    BTW: the ASR6501:~# line simply means, the modem went back to sleep.


  • @felmue said in COM.X 915 Doesn't respond:

    Thank you for the help. That was all it was. I fired it back up again and issues commands from the correct command set and it seems to be working. Now to try it out more.

    Thank you!