How to enable the extra 5v power?

  • I have the aws version of the core 2, I have read I need to change SetBusPowerMode(0); to SetBusPowerMode(1);. but where do I specify this? Can it be in the ino file? or does it have to be in a header or cpp file?

    EDIT: I found this in the documentation "M5.begin(bool LCDEnable = true, bool SDEnable = true, bool SerialEnable = true, bool I2CEnable = false, mbus_mode_t mode = kMBusModeOutput);" However i get an error saying expected primary expression before bool. Im stuck

  • Hello @babygirl1248

    it's included in the M5Core2 begin() function:

    M5.begin(true, true, true, false, kMBusModeInput);

    two values; the first is the default:

    • kMBusModeOutput (=0): powered by USB or Battery
    • kMBusModeInput: (=1): powered by outside input