Keyboard Input (bluetooth keyboard, USB keyboard)?

  • Dear all, I am very new to M5Stack.

    I would like to process keyboard input either via Bluetooth or USB. I have searched through this forum and any docs I have found, but no clue as to how to do this. I am particularly interested in typing to M5Paper for a project, but also interested in how it can be done on Core2 and others.

    Can anyone point me to the right info?

    thanks in advance,


  • Hello @rodberry

    maybe this might help you?


  • Thanks Felix,
    I'll definitely take a look at this. It looks like a proof of concept, so far though (single keys only, not multiple at a time).

    I am a bit surprised that there seem to be no general USB or Bluetooth keyboard support libraries in the M5 world.

    It's probably a sign from the MCU gods and goddesses that it is time for me to stop being a scaredy-cat and to start learning to use C and C++.

    I can only see myself going deeper down this kind of rabbit-hole, so I can not avoid C forever. :)


  • Can the USB port on M5Paper and other M5Stack devices be used as a USB host or OTG connection, or it is purely for power and for programming? If so, what would be involved in getting a USB keyboard to talk to my application?

  • @rodberry Unfortunately no as its a limit of the ESP32 D0WDQ6. You maybe able to use bluetooth but that's beyond my skillset .

  • We have the same problem, I might take a look at the replies