WiFi Config help

  • I haven't managed to get the Wifi working with my M5Stack Core2.

    My modem recognizes the M5 device but I am greeted with a red colored WiFi signal on the device. There is not internet connection happening.

    Can someone please assist with this screen...

    WiFi Cofig
    SSID: M5-520

    Connect this SSID and open the IP in your Browser, enter the WiFi password.

    My Modem does not recognize It does nothing. My network uses a different IP address. Also, my network has an SSID (network name) so where do I enter this new SSID?

    Please assist.

  • Hello @Flow

    this screen means that your M5Core2 has started a temporary access point (SSID: M5-520/no password/IP: and is waiting for you to connect to it with a mobile phone, tablet or computer to finish the configuration.

    When you do that and then use a browser entering you'll be presented with the M5Core2 configuration screen where you can enter the final SSID/password of your own modem/router and confirm. M5Core2 should then reboot and connect to your modem/router.


  • Thanks Flow....but no go!

    I can confirm the M5stack is connected via WiFi to the modem - that part works OK.
    It just does see the Internet.

    Two questions:

    In Setup mode "Select WiFi" there is a number appearing which seems to be associated with a WiFi phone I have connected to the same modem. Starts with 09......

    Any ideas on why that appears on the M5stack and how I can edit it if required?

    Even when I hard wire into the modem and enter on my Browser, this eventually times out as it doesn't find anything associated with that IP.


  • Are you sure that your computer has connected to the the M5-520 access point using your computers wifi manager?

    IF you not able to access it means

    1. you are not connected to the M5Stack device,
    2. you may need to refresh the firmware using the M5Burner program.