Atom + tailbat battery not waking up after deepsleep

  • Using esphome, I configured an Atom Lite with deepsleep and while I keep it connected to the laptop with the logging terminal open, I can see the device staying awake as per my configuration:

    run_duration: 120s
    sleep_duration: 10min

    ... and going to sleep for 10min, then waking up etc.

    When I plug the tailbat battery, I can see the device stays awake as per the configuration, then it goes into deep sleep, and it never wakes up. I see the red LED in the battery going off after the "run_duration" timer expires. It seems as if the atom lite is "turning off" the battery, it's a bit strange.

    Any hint on how to keep the battery on while the atom is on deep sleep?

  • @ar This is the power chip in the battery powering off due to lack of demand from the atom. you could put a resistor across the power lines to keep a load on the tail bat but that would defeat the energy saving requirements of deep sleep.