Load images on M5Paper in UIFlow

  • Hi,

    I'm trying to load images in a M5Paper unit using uiflow with no success. I've tried several formats (png, bmp, jpg) and different options when saving, but I always get the same result...

    I'm uploading the image in the device file manager, and then after adding the image at the position where I want it, I add the following blocks:

    • Set screen background color
    • Set image0 to image.bmp (to the right name of the image file)
    • Show image0
    • Set screen show

    But When running the program, I get an exclamation mark at the top of the screen.

    Am I doing anything wrong? Is this feature actually working?

  • Hello @fr3nd

    have you tried to display the default.jpg? Does that work?

    Using UIFlow 1.8.7 (https://flow.m5stack.com) these are the steps which worked for me:

    • drag image icon onto screen (e.g. image0)
    • block set image0 image default.jpg
    • block set screen show


  • Hi @felmue

    This works with the default image default.png, but once I upload a different one it shows the exclamation mark symbol.

    I've tried with different formats and options when saving, but I haven't found a combination that works. Is there any documentation on the requirements of the images? Has anyone had any success using custom images in m5paper in uiflow?


  • Hello @fr3nd

    sorry, I don't know of any documentation on the requirements of the images.