HELP - UNIT V2 JSON Commands do not respond

  • Hi,
    Windows 10 system running Chrome Browser.
    I am trying to control the camera using the serial interface.
    The server starts and I can switch functions of the camera via the browser interface.
    I can receive updates from all functions of the camera.

    However, no matter what I try, I cannot SWITCH functions using the JSON commands specified over the serial interface.

    To verify the serial transmit / receive operation. I have entered the Python Notebook mode. and I can successfully transmit and receive strings over the serial port functionality.

    I believe, either the given JSON commands are not accurate, or there is something else missing:

    Here is an example of what I send:

    For camera stream: {"function" : "Camera Stream" , "args" : ""}\n

    For motion tracking: {"function" : "Motion Tracker" , "args" : ""}\n

    Please advise what I am doing wrong.


    PS: I repeated my post in this category since the PRODUCTS / UNIT section did not get a reply in over a week.