How to distribute Micropython application as binary flash image ?

  • Is it possible to distribute a Micropython application (for Core2 in my case) as binary flash image which can simply be burned on the device with M5Burner?

    We would need a way to create that image from a device running the application and having all needed files installed.

    Any idea ?

  • You can use esp flash tool

    But it is a command line tool. and need python installed on your pc to work. With this tool you can download whole spiflash content to one bin file. You can also flash it back with this tool.

    I don't use M5burner which probably don't have option to burn custom bin file. By the way, M5burner use esptool in background to flash their firmwares.

  • Thanks a lot. This seems exactly what I was looking for. Command line is not a problem. Will try it.