Missing "import module" definition at UIFlow 1.9.0 at new Project

  • Using the UIFlow V 1.9.0 at server https://flow.m5stack.com/ at the function "create a new project and clear workspace"
    I'm not able to find the "import module" statement required for operation of the stackable GPS module. I'm able to create the "Init with custom pin TX, RX" statement selecting it from the GPS modules section, but the MicroPython code does not add the required "import module" command. This also creates a run-time error. Reverse edit from the Python syntax to UIFflow also is not allowed. Is this a bug in UIFlow or did I miss something in the GUI flow.

  • Hello @falbriard

    this seems to be an issue with UIFlow if the Init with custom pin TX, RX is the only statement. As soon as I use any of the GPS Get blocks, eg. Get time the missing import module line shows up.


  • @felmue Thanks for support, problem solved.