WARNING: Commu module crippled by design, RS485 totally useless

  • Hi

    I got two Commu modules to use in an RS485 network.
    However, to my surprise I find out it doesn't work because the RS485 transceiver chip has its Data input signal tied to ground, so it cannot transmit any data. Also, the enable signals are inverted, that may be a minor issue, but still the same. Extremely odd to "offer" something that will not work at all, and for seemingly no good reason what so ever.

    Totally useless piece of junk! I will be extremely careful before buying any M5 stuff again.

  • I would consider this extremely unlikely.
    All modules I have purchased and tested performed exactly as described.
    The PCBs are of a very high quality design, layout and material.
    I have been developing hardware for forty years now and I recognise the craftsmanship that has gone into these designs.
    Nevertheless, errors do occasionally occur and I am pretty sure they would be rectified as soon as they are known.
    To suggest that this has been done deliberately is disingenuous.
    I shall obtain one of those modules and test it for myself.

  • @Thomasx
    Please show me the picture.