Kickstart with MicroPython and M5Stack support (pycharm)

  • Hey everyone

    I'm new to the M5 Stack. I've got a good understand of the devices with the UIFlow tool. Now i would like to switch my developments to PyCharm (which i use daily for other stuff). I've got the MicroPython plugin installed and i can deploy/flash my scripts to the device (at least it looks like) and have REPL Access to the device.

    What i'm troubling with at the moment:

    • my PyCharm does not know about the M5 Libs
    • flashed applications do not really run on the device even thou it says 100% deployed. Looks like i miss something.
    • is there a way to debug my application like i'm used to do with classical python applications

    There is an other question; There are custom micropython firmwares out there... Ive tried some of them and even build my own. But none of them really worked and most of the builds do not build at all. The firmwares i've found are all more than 3 years old. Are this firmwares no longer needed?

    I would be happy if someone could give me a situation summary of the micropython topic on m5stack :) Thanks so much!

  • The firmware is updated monthly but because of Chinese New Year things have been quite. A new firmware is coming out based on Micropython 1.7 but only a test version is available. As to pycharm, never heard of it.