Have I bricked my M5 Atom?

  • I accidentally connected two output pins - G22 & G19 - together without an intermediate load, and since that happened the indicator LED isn't operating, so it's hard to know what boot state the device is in.

    I did re-flash the device with the V1.9.2 release of UIFLOW using M5Burner and that completed successfully. But the problem still remains.

    I'm assuming that it is the flash memory of the ESP32-PICO-D4 chip that is being programmed. In which case that would suggest the chip is still alive.

    Any thoughts / similar experiences / solutions out there?

  • Hi @Bludotz

    I doubt that your M5Atom is bricked - especially since the indicator RGB LED is on GPIO27.

    In M5Burner - COM Monitor do you see debug output? Does the M5Atom connect to UiFlow?


  • Hi @felmue

    Many thanks for your rapid reply and your helpful "debugging" questions.

    My M5 Atom is working just fine now, even the GPIOs I thought I might have fried :-)