M5Paper max battery life I can expect?

  • I have a UIFlow program running every 30 minutes, calling an API to update the display, and then going into deep sleep. It's been running about 10 days on the same charge so far. Initial battery voltage was ~4600 (I don't think I fully charged it) and it's currently ~4340. It looks like I'll get a month or more out of one battery charge, which is much better than I expected.

    Is there anything I can do to extend this into many months? What is the maximum runtime you've been able to achieve from one charge before it expires, when using wifi?

  • Hello @drittich

    how is your experiment going? I ran a similar experiment where M5Paper would wake up every 10 minutes, connect to WiFi, make an MQTT call and then shut down again. Battery started at about 4772 and ended with 2920. It managed to wake up roughly 1200 times. So in my case it lasted about 200 hours. Now given that most energy is consumed when awake this numbers could also model your use case, e.g. 1200 times woken up, twice per hour would give 600 hours or 25 days.

    BTW: I assume by deep sleep you actually mean shutting down and wakeup from RTC, correct?


  • Hi, could you please post the Micropython code that I could tru the same on mine please ?