Help with module HX711 scale kit by M5Stack

  • Hi!

    I purchased a scale with HX711 module with 4 load cells:


    The circuit is very simple to connect. I'm using ESP32, clock and data pins are on pins 18 and 5 and power is on GND and VIN.

    But I'm only using 1 of the load cells because it came closest to the values ​​while I was testing. Is this possible and is it correct with this kit?

    I found the following code on M5Stack's GitHub, but it also gives me completely unrealistic values, I put 1kg on the scale and it gives me "-45g, -47g".

    The library examples don't help me much because it doesn't have calibration examples and then it returns unrealistic values.

    Does anyone have experience with this module and scale? Could you give me some better guidance to configure the use of the scale?

    Thank you very much.