M5Stack Bluetooth Comms to ESP32 BT & another device

  • I've purchase an M5Stack Core2 (AWS) and I'm considering incorporating it into an existing project for the display/controller.

    I have an LDMOS amplifier that is orchestrated by an Arduino MEGA for power, control and band switching. I'm driving the amplifier with a ICOM radio that operates Bluetooth, so I incorporated an ESP32 using Bluetooth to do the Comms to the IC-705 radio. When ever the radio's frequency band changes, the MEGA follows by changing the amplifier band-switch and the antenna switch. This works fine.

    The amplifier is mounted remotely (basement, just below me) and I have a "2 line/16 character" display with 5 buttons that communicates to the Arduino MEGA via I2C comms (SDL/SCL lines with pullups). But with a physical shack re-configuration, the cable no longer reaches and I've added an extension to the cable, but the comms is intermittent.

    What I'd LIKE to do is to use the M5Stack as the display/control and communicate to it through my existing ESP32 Bluetooth along with the communications to the Radio.

    Can I connect the existing ESP32 Bluetooth the BOTH the IC-705 Radio AND to the M5Stack Core2 for the display and control parameters?

    I currently communicate from the ESP32 to the IC705 via BT using a declaration:
    BluetoothSerial SerialBT; (Sorry, I don't understand how to use the triple brackets to show code! I'm a newbie here.)

    Would I then declare a second instance to communicate with the M5Stack:
    Bluetooth Serial M5StackBT;
    and send all the display parameters to the M5StackBT?

    Does this change seem feasible?
    Any "gotcha's" that you can see?


    Sir Michael