MQTT and Json

  • Hi,
    I am working with M%stack core2 and UiFlow and I am trying to work with the messages I receive from my MQTT server. From MQTT I receive a message like this {"itcrpc": "1.0", "user": "ITC-SCRIPT", "destination": "prueba", "method": "getStationStatus", "result": {'tag': 'Punto_A@00', 'type': 'STATION', 'status': {'sscc_occupation': None, 'occupation': True, 'dimensions': '1100;1250;1750', 'priority': 15, 'wait_replenish_pallet': False, 'replenish_pallet_type': 'euro', 'remove_pallet': False}}, "id": 1}.

    And I would like to access to 'occupation' but in UiFlow I do not know how to do it. This is what I got. Thanks for the help!.
    0_1649754382705_2022-04-12 (6)_LI.jpg